Unlike computer generated and mass produced photographs from commercial labs, Pud Franzblau does all of his own printing in his darkroom using the Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome) process. Not only has it taken decades for him to accumulate the tens of thousands of photos from which the images shown in this web site have been culled, but an equal amount of time has been spent in the darkroom so that all the photographs listed are of the finest quality. Each photograph is an individual artistic creation, frequently taking hours to produce. Ilfochrome has the most stable dyes and renders the brightest and most saturated colors of all the types of color photographic prints, so that even after a century of being displayed, its colors do not fade. It produces the highest quality archival color photographs in existence today and is the standard by which all other color photographs are measured. The profound natural light exhibited for moments in nature allows Franzblau to take all his photographs without any artificial lighting or color filters. Although there is no substitute for experiencing nature, viewing a scene that existed for a split second is not just a re-creation of the original but, as Franzblau's photography demonstrates, often has a dynamic all its own.