Scattered throughout the Colorado Plateau, especially in southern Utah and northern Arizona, are dozens, perhaps hundreds of narrow, dark canyons known as slot canyons. The sandstone formation in which these canyons are generally found was laid down as giant sand dunes 200 million years ago. They have been carved by gushing water from flash floods for the past 11,500 years since the retreat of the glaciers at the end of the last ice age. Ranging in width from a few feet to as little as a foot, the intricate walls of these canyons can be 300 feet tall. Fantastic colors, produced from the differential absorption of sunlight bouncing off the walls, change dramatically in minutes as the overhead sun moves across the sky. Although walking through slot canyons can be easy, their extreme narrowness sometimes necessitates squeezing sideways and, at times, a rope is needed to negotiate sudden drops.

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 Divine Light

 The Wave

 Candescent Canyon

Sinuous Canyon
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 Canyon Symphony

 Sculptured Chasm

Final Reflection

Golden Cathedral

 Virgin River Gorge

 Wending Canyon

 Spooky Canyon

   Lone Sentinel

 Spectrum of Light


 Painted Canyon

 Sandstone Vase
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 Walls of Color
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 Canyon Rosette

 Peekaboo Canyon

 Little Death Hollow

   Luminous Cavern

   Radiant Walls

   Canyon Silhouette
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   La Navaja Negra